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Baptism (or ‘christening’) marks the entry of a person into the Christian community of faith. We baptize members of the congregation and those who live in the parish at our 9.45 am and 11.30 am services – although not in the two seasons of preparation: Advent (four weeks before Christmas) and Lent (six weeks before Easter).

Adults and children from Year 6 upwards are baptized when they are confirmed.

If you would like a baptism at St Clement’s or St James’s, just come to a Sunday service to chat to one of the clergy. We'll talk you through the application process.

The Parish Office is happy to answer any preliminary questions you may have. The Church of England website has further information about baptism.

Baptism is free of charge, but involves a commitment to a new way of life in the Christian community. In due course, young children may wish to make their own formal declaration of faith, by being confirmed.

Alternatively, a Thanksgiving Service is available for those who simply want to give thanks for the birth of a child.

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